Dr. Pittman


Dr. Jess

Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Brittany

Licensed Professional Counselor

I subscribe to an integrative multicultural orientation and rely heavily on the language and interventions of feminist, interpersonal process, and relational cultural theories, bridging understanding of past experiences and their present impacts. I work to establish a sense of felt security and empowerment with the goal of managing presenting concerns and fostering growth and wellbeing.


My work is grounded in an intersectional framework as a means of reflecting on the ways in which power, privilege, and oppression impact our emotional and psychological wellbeing. This means exploring the contributions of race, class, age, gender and sexual orientation (and other salient identities) to the development of self, career, and relationships (romantic, platonic, and familial). I endeavor to remain aware of environmental and societal influences and their impact, as well as being attuned to issues of diversity. 


I have expertise in psychopathology and psychiatric diagnosis and work with clients to prioritize and (re)establish mental health, particularly with members of marginalized communities.