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Our Services

The Wellness Collective provides individual, couples, family, and premarital counseling to individuals age 18 and over. 

Culturally Centered Psychotherapy

Our approach is grounded in an understanding of identity and intersectionality as a means to understand who we are, how we make sense of our experiences and the world around us. This creates opportunity to reflect on the ways in which power, privilege, and oppression impact our wellbeing and our relationships.

Individual Psychotherapy $225-$285 per session

Couples Counseling $290-$350 per session

Family Counseling $350 per session

Pre-marital Counseling $200-$290 per session

Trauma Recovery

Experiences and responses to trauma are as unique to us as our fingerprints. Trauma processing work takes into account the subjective nature of traumatic experience, situates response behavior in a culturally relevant context, and seeks to edit maladaptive scripts about self in response to traumatic events; the goal being to reduce the impact past traumas have on present and future functioning.   

Clinical Supervision

Supervisors, like therapists, are all about fit. As an early career therapist, supervision and consultation were pivotal to my professional development. Dr. Pittman provides clinical supervision to post-degree therapists pursuing licensure as a professional counselor or psychologist in Virginia or DC. 

Individual Clinical Supervision $100-$150 per hour

Group Clinical Supervision $75 per session

Consultation and Training 

Dr. Pittman is sought after for her expertise in the areas of equity, social justice, and social justice education with specific attention to anti-Black racism and racial bias and whiteness awareness building. Please contact us to discuss your organizations needs.  

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Payment & Insurance

As an out-of-network provider, most of our services are eligible for at least partial reimbursement by most insurance providers. Most clients will receive a portion (generally between 40-80%) of counseling fees reimbursed to them from their insurance companies dependent on their individual insurance coverages. Please check with your insurance company regarding your specific benefits.


We gladly provide you with a superbill to help facilitate this process.

Payment is due at the time of service.

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