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Dr. Delishia M. Pittman

Healer | Educator | Activist | Scholar

Welcome to The Wellness Collective 


I'm Dr. Pittman, Founder and Clinical Director of The Wellness Collective. I am a board certified psychologist and licensed professional counselor, passionate mental health advocate, healer, and proud Millennial.  


I came to the field of psychology as a 19-year-old pre-med "drop out" with no idea how the decision to change my major would change my life. Literally. Psychology was the closest I'd come to making sense of my longtime fascination with human behavior and the things that drive us toward the relationships we have. 


I went to therapy for the first time in college. I didn’t love it; didn’t even think it changed my life (at least not in the ways I expected). Going to therapy exposed me to career possibilities I hadn’t (to that point) considered and as they say, the rest is history.


Clearly, therapy changed my life! 


I LOVE being a therapist. But more than that, I love being a guide for other’s healing and wellness, and it has been an honor and privilege to provide therapy to individuals, couples, and families for more than 15 years. Longevity in the mental health field requires self-awareness, compassion, expert boundaries, and a strong commitment to self-reflectivity, ethical practice, and personal growth. It has been my adherence to these values that has allowed me to sustain myself in this work for as long as I have. 


I am the first African American board certified counseling psychologist in the District of Columbia and hold professional licenses in DC and Virginia. In addition to clinical practice, I am a tenured Associate Professor of Counseling and Director of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program in the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at The George Washington University overseeing the training of nearly 100 of the next generation of mental health professionals every year. While therapy is my first love, I take great pride and enjoyment in supporting my students and early career professionals as they launch their own rewarding counseling careers. 


I earned a BA in psychology from Concordia University, Portland, a MA in counseling psychology with a specialization in addiction treatment from Lewis & Clark College, a PhD in counseling psychology from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs), and for fun, an MPH in epidemiology from George Washington University.

I add balance to my very full professional life through deeply connected relationships with family and friends, food, the arts, frequent travel, and Peloton rides. 

Dr. Pittman

Founder, PSP Wellness Collective
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