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Treatment Policies

As a rule, The Wellness Collective does not take on new clients who are in need of documentation for the following situations:

  • Court cases of any kind (e.g., an open court case, probation, lawsuits, etc.)

  • Assessment (e.g., fitness for service, employment, medical procedures, study abroad, comfort or therapy pet, etc.)

  • Academic reasons (e.g., seeking an Incomplete in a course, fitness to return to school or work, completing therapy as a course requirement)

  • A new or pending short/long-term disability claim

  • Emotional support, comfort, or therapy animals 

  • Any other situation in which a third party needs documentation from a therapist on behalf of a client



We understand, however, that these situations may arise during the period in which a current client is seeking treatment or after treatment has been terminated. In such cases the following fees will apply:

  • Preparing letters for third parties: $150 per letter

  • Completing forms for third parties: $125 per hour

  • Printing and mailing a client’s complete treatment record to a third party: $75


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