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Culturally responsive mental health care for BIPOC Millennials

The Collective


The Wellness Collective is a boutique psychotherapy practice specializing in the health and wellness of Millennials (not to worry though, we serve non-Millennial adults too).


The Wellness Collective was born of a need to make accessible mental health care spaces that meet the unique wants, needs, & desires of 20 and 30 somethings who want to be proactive about building a life they love, and prioritize wellness and self-care. The Wellness Collective is committed to providing affirming spaces that center anti-oppressive mental health practices and employ intersectional frameworks to advance the healing journeys of those we serve. We're glad you're here.


The Wellness Collective is expressly anti-oppressive, trauma informed, and LGBTQ+ competent. 


 The Wellness Collective Commitments



Truth Telling

Culturally Centered Practice




There is a therapist for every journey.
Every journey is not for
every therapist. 


- Dr. Pittman


What We Stand For

At the Wellness Collective, we believe that WE CAN HAVE IT ALL; maybe just not at the same time! And, THAT’S OK! In fact, it’s more than ok. We (Millennials) have been socialized to want more, do more, live bigger, share more, rest less, and look like we’re enjoying every moment of it in ways not expected of any generation before us (and likely not after us). The result? Soul crushing internalized shame, a life that is unboundaried and moderately fulfilling, a fleeting sense of self tethered to ‘likes’ and achievement, and debilitating social comparison. And let’s be honest, it’s exhausting. Sound familiar? We get it and the Wellness Collective is here to help


We are committed to helping our clients build thriving lives from the inside— to support you in your journey to prioritize your mental health, strengthen your relationships, heal past traumas and their present influences, and bolster your emotional and psychological resources.

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